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Unlock the path to your true potential 

WC4S Client Application


Please complete the following form and respond appropriately to be considered as a client for our program. This initial screening application will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete

I am 18 years of age or older, English speaking, live in the USA or Canada

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We Impact Lives!
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Live your Dream Job - Become a Life Coach

We offer to equip women in life coaching skills so that they are empowered to ignite other women and their future.

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Our Mission

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

What We Offer

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Coaching Available In Person & Via Phone


If you are a woman who feels like you're surviving but not thriving, you are not alone. Now is the time to take the step towards your GOALS.  We know and believe you don't have to let life get the best of you.  Let us put a plan in place to transform your vision for the future to fully realize your dream and purpose right now.

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Welcome To the Next Chapter In Your Life.

Hello Beautiful, I am Sheila Lewis, Founder of Women Centered 4 Success, a non-profit organization created to reach out to women who may not have access to coaching services and are ready to work with a coach to affect positive change in their lives.

Our clients receive top quality coaching to:

  • Address potential roadblocks

  • Set realistic expectations

  • Find your unique gifts

  • Successfully accomplish your goals and dreams

  • Build healthy relationships

  • Regain your identity

  • Get back on track and unstuck


What People Say about us.



I really enjoyed working with Coach Sheila, she was amazing and extremely inspiring. In times of lost hope she gave me a hand out of the dark hole. I’m very grateful for the time that I’ve spent within her presence. It has been an experience that I will cherish for years to come.


L. Hannaman

The Coaching program is very supportive and very encouraging.  The Coach is easy to reach.  I would recommend your name to any of my friends. If they needed the services that I’m getting. Thank you so much for your time and support while I go thru the season of my life. Ty for all your support


S. King

My Life Coaching experience had been truly "Life Changing" in the best way possible! The most needed (but didn't know I needed at the time lol) information, positive energy and outlook on the daily test we face gave me the air I do desperately could not grasp on my own was given to me by my God fearing "Life Coach Sheila"!. She helped me to see what I already have inside of me and that I can continue this journey no matter what "I am growing through". Her real communication skills also positive statements/ reinforcements kept me thinking and evaluating my situation. Which assisted me in making positive decisions for me and my children. Making my next move a better one them before. I can't say enough on how much this experience has changed my life and my children. I appreciate you and thank God for this opportunity to have had this wonderful encounter. Thank you for being you Mrs. Sheila😁💋🙏🏼


Y. Morales

My experience with Women's Centered 4 Success has been life changing for me. As a woman that faces lots of obstacles that life has throws her way I can honestly say that the experience with WC4S has been amazing. I came shattered, helpless, & struggling with a vision, not knowing where to go with it. I had no idea how to be able to start my business or what my business even consisted of, but I thank you because as of now I have created a platform to be able to run with my first vision which my business should be opening up soon. I am so excited about the outcome of it all.

I pray that as you have blessed me that you may continue to bless many more women to come and that this mission may be abundant in Jesus mighty name.

I highly believe that if women stick together we can build many Empires for growth and like you say: If you know better you Grow better. I will forever hold that phrase deep in my heart. Thank you for Empowering me for Success!

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Empowerment from your better to your best self.

Women Centered 4 Success is dedicated to helping you unleash your power to own your future. By participating in group sessions, you will have access to the experience and wisdom of others; helping you find your own!  With upliftment and encouragement, we can provide you with real life strategies for dismantling roadblocks and overcoming what you consider to be your failures.  Let us help you clear your path so you can get going!  Let’s do it, together! 

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Coaching for your fastest way forward

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Find greater satisfaction in your current career by establishing goals, creating a plan and overcoming obstacles.

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Collaborate with our experienced Coaches to reach your financial goals. Gain a better sense of your budget..

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Find satisfaction in your relationships whether you are seriously dating or in a marriage. Our Coaches will help you set..

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Reaching a Deal


Create a plan for your small business to help it grow and become profitable.

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Sitting Meditation


Find the path to your inner well being with spiritual guidance and coaching.

An Overview of the Process





Provide WC4S with a few specific details about your personal coaching needs.

A WC4S Coach will contact you to determine the best coaching program to fit your needs.

Let's work together to elevate your life from your better to best self.

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