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Doing Our Part

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We Thank Our Partners

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3rd Annual

Queen of the Day

“Her Value is Priceless, Her Potential is Limitless”

She is a Queen

Annual Queen For A Day

Our Annual Queen for a Day started in 2017 providing a special recognition to ten women, (single, married, or caregivers) of school aged children as a tribute and appreciation for their commitment to their family and community. The event included a tasteful meal, entertainment, a gift, and special family time.  Due to COVID, we were not able to host our event, however, we gifted ten mothers who were nominated a special thank you and gift card.

MLK Day of Service 

In honor of the MLK Day of Service, WC4S has planned a “Student Food Pantry Project”.   Our primary objective is to provide food for at least 50 individuals in the 33619 community who are in need.  Through our community contacts,  the Palm River Community Development Center, Progress Village Civic Association, and the First Baptist Church of Progress Village, we develop a list of individuals in need.  Our student volunteers who will participate in this project will come from a commitment made by local High Schools.  As a tribute to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. legacy, we combine our pantry efforts with educating our teens on the importance of serving in the community.


Bi-Annual Women’s Networking Retreat

May 2019 marked our first bi-annual Women’s Retreat, “Sheroes with a Mission”. The goal of the weekend was for each woman to feel refreshed, inspired, and motivated to care for herself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Mission Accomplished!

Fall Festival and Free Market

Our annual Free Market event was held the second Saturday in November for three years.  Our generous donors provided clothing, food, and household goods to give away to a grateful community. With the help of the Emanuel P. Johnson Community Center, the Progress Village Civic Council, the First Baptist Church of Progress Village, the Red Hatters of Tampa, and the Lakewood Community Church we were able to expand our festivities to include lunch and activities for children while the grownups filled their bags and cars with a generous bounty of items. Up to COVID 19, 650 families had been fed, clothed, and provided personal access to local nonprofit organizations that were at the festival. This event also opened the door for over 25 Hillsborough County Students to receive community service hours.

Life Coach Certification

What You Will Learn Training In Christian Life Coaching

• Learn the difference between coaching and counseling.

• Learn about active listening and how it is important.

• Learn highly effective questioning techniques.

• Learn how to use our exclusive Coaching Process.

• Learn the importance of values and their influence.

• Learn about tools to help clients find their purpose.

• Learn how to spot obstacles that hinder progress.

• Learn common lies people believe and their impact.

• Learn how to help clients make healthy choices.

• Learn about marketing and offering your services.

Goal Girls Award Presentation 

In September 2016, we honored 10 young women in our community with an award dinner for their commitment to their career goals, family, and community.  It kicked off the monthly Goal Girls meet up to bring young women together to discuss their goals, monitor their achievement of their goals, encourage one another, and just have a network connection.

We Meet Special Needs!

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Are you ready to start a new chapter?

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