Ways we impact women

Learning to Earn


This program is for women looking for an affordable training option to further their education, change careers, or re-enter the work force.


The Administrative Professional Training

The administrative professional program will empower women with skills to reach their career goals and to fulfill the regional increasing demand for this type of trained professional.

The program will offer an array of class and on the job training to build on the skills and talents the candidate has attained through their work and life experience.  On completion of the training the candidate will be awarded a certificate as recognition for mastering the administrative skills and professional expertise.

The Customer Service Professional Training

Good customer service is at the core of any successful organization.  While many job titles are changing, the most common job titles for office professionals still remain the same in most jobs in today's workforce. 

Additionally, acquiring skills with personal computers can increase students’ earning potential in administrative positions. Whether it is keyboard shortcuts and formatting tricks in Microsoft Office, or navigational and organizational tools in Windows and Mac operating systems, many administrative roles are acquired with a better understanding of how to use primary software tools.

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