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"If You want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. " African Proverb


Our group coaching will create an atmosphere where women can freely interact, share ideas and benefit from the concept of being stronger together than being apart. It is an intimate conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability.  It could be a great step for you.

Via Zoom (once you are signed up the link will be provided)

 You are single and sensational!  Right now, you may feel like your life doesn’t mirror your dreams.  Maybe it’s not just one thing.  Don’t be overwhelmed, come and join Women’s Centered 4 Success Group Coaching Sessions for Singles!  We are here to help guide you out of that slump!  At Women’s Centered 4 Success, we want you to be your best!  We want to help you find out if you still desire the dreams you have.  Allowing us to help facilitate your transition into positive perceptions and outcomes, you can burst through barriers!  Don’t give up because you feel in a rut, you are not alone.

Living Single Until...

Friends Socializing

I Still Do

Loving Couple

 Through our Marriage Group Coaching sessions women will walk away with peace in knowing who you are, where you fit in this puzzle called marriage, what makes you a great candidate, and how to remain on solid ground.  We look forward to guiding you through a process of recognizing yourself, refocusing on your truth, and moving you from where you are today to your divine destination. You are 10 % physical and 90% spiritual and change will come to the largest part of you.  Welcome to the NEW YOU!

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